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  • What are our Natural Handmade candles made of?

    The candles are made using environmental friendly materials-natural and vegetable oil based wax, cotton wicks and natural decorative elements ( dried rose, petals, cinnamon sticks, coffee beans

  • Why Soy Wax?

    Soy wax is an eco-friendly product due to wax is vegetable oil based and being a renewable source as well as the wax being naturally bio- degradable. It burns cleaner than paraffin wax due to its natural origins and leaves no petrol -carbon soot that can blacken the walls.In addition natural wax has excellent fragrance-holding quantities that means that the candles release rich and long -lasting scent.

  • What happens to decorative elements when candle is lit?

    It is extremely important to remove orange /lime pieces from the top of the candle. Apart from that all of the decorative elements (rose petals, coffee beans, cinnamon sticks) are safely protected from setting on fire by melted wax.While coffee beans and cinnamon, heated by the flame, release their natural scent,rose petals float in the wax creating beautiful patterns.

  • Do you use sodium hydroxide in you soap?

    Yes. it is impossible to make soap without using lye ( sodium hydroxide mixed with liquid). However. there is no lye in a finished bar of soap as it is all used up during the process of saponification. So why isn’t sodium hydroxide listed in the ingredients- as all of the sodium hydroxide is used up during the saponification process,there is none left in the finished product, so no need to list it in the ingredients.

  • Are you products natural?

    Yes, our products are handcrafted with natural plant- based ingredients.

  • Are you products vegan?

    Our shimmer body butters and our nourishing body lotion bar and our soap is suitable for vegans.

  • Are your products tested on animal?

    No. We are very seriously invested in campaigns against animal cruelty and since March 2013, a new European Union Law was fully implemented that has constituted to trade of animal – tested cosmetics in Europe illegal, even if the testing was done outside Europe.

  • What is the shelf life of your products?

    Our products are freshly made by us in small batches therefore it is vital to us that the products remain in stock for as little time is possible. We want to ensure that all your orders reach you fresh and be enjoyed at their best.!

  • Do you sell wholesale?

    yes, you can email us through our contact page for wholesale request.

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